Want To Be A Summit Speaker? 

Over the next few months we are putting together and launching 6 evergreen Summits.  The summits will be repeated every month generating our speakers visibility over and over again.

We are looking for speakers for our Navigate Business Summit which will be launching in June 2019. 

Our speakers will be experienced in their fields and have a training that will provide massive value to our summit viewers, generally this will be something they can take away and implement.

If You want to apply to be one of our speakers for this or a future summit  then please do still complete the form ​we will be in touch 

If you think this is for you please do fill in the form below,

What is your area of expertise?
Are you able to record a presentation of 30 - 45 minutes
What would the talk cover or if unsure right now we can discuss
Do you have or are able/willing to give away a free 'something' to support and benefit the summit viewers of your talk
Do you have a paid product that follows on from your training and free gift?
Have you ever been on a summit/webinar before?