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Supercharge Your Marketing Bootcamp

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Discover The Proven Strategies That Will Help You Easily Market Your Business While Spending Less Time, Making More Money, And Enjoying More Freedom Than You Ever Thought Possible! - Coupon navpack18

Get The Meeting Sales Training 

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Get in front of the right people at the right time! Susan's tried and tested techniques for getting the meeting!

How to create a Commenting Marketing Strategy

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A course that shows businesses the benefits of writing comments on blogs and social media. You could consider this as an additional resource for those who need to fulfil their content marketing objectives.

Love LinkedIn Live

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Discover the power of video on LinkedIn to amplify your connections, candidates. and clients.
Learn how to use both live and recorded video to generate conversations that enhance your relationships, build credibility, and elevate your authority Coupon Code - Navpack18

Get your website working - 10 week online course 

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A 10 week online business skills training course for any business owner with a website that’s not currently generating the traffic or referrals, sales or business growth you’d like

One year membership of Project Play

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The place to rediscover your mojo and get back on track in your life & work. Coupon code - Readytoplay

One Year Membership Life Beyond Limitations

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What would life look like if you knew NOTHING could hold you back?
Join us on a journey to a Life Beyond Limitations - Coupon Code Navpack18

Navigating Easiness for Increased Productivity

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An introductory workshop in which you’ll learn to identify the difference between tensing and easing in your system. Why this is important to your Body-Brain Balance.

Achieve Your Business Success With Hypnosis MP3 Series

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There are some common areas that most business owners benefit from a mindset boost in. These achieve your business success MPs3s use powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques to boost your mindset 

Mind Body Spirit Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs Module 1

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The learning objective is to understand what is possible if you nurture the whole you.

Mind Body Spirit Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs, Module 2

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The purpose of this course is to help you reset your self-care habits to support you in growing your business. We will be looking at the mindset behind the winning strategies for staying fit and healthy to get you in the best shape to build your empire.

Mind Body Spirit Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs, Module 3

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Humans are naturally very creative creatures. The spark of creativity is in us all. And as an entrepreneur, you have that creative spark in bucketloads, even if you don’t realise it. Coupon code - navpack18

Essential Excel Skills for Business

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In this course I am going to equip you with the essential skills you need to work using Microsoft Excel - this course is for the Windows Version of Excel 2016. Coupon code Navpack18

Plan your non-fiction book online course

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Simple steps from no idea to a brilliant outline, chapter framework and first draft.
You may have no idea or too many ideas. Having a non-fiction book helps you to clarify your ideas and process as well as building brand and credibility. Coupon code - navpack18

Engaging Praise: Use the Power of Praise and Recognition to Increase Engagement

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This Masterclass will generate enthusiasm and increase engagement at your workplace. Learn the skill of giving authentic recognition, appreciation and encouragement every modern leader should use - 69% of employees in Gallup survey say they would work harder if they believed their leaders appreciated their work

Core Sense LIVE! Training 

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Are you living your best life yet? The chances are you have a few things out of alignment. Core Sense Live! is where you identify the areas you need to work on…
Together we’ll align your compass and you’ll start to live your best life yet.
You’ll feel more empowered, happier and 2019 will be incredible


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