Lottie Moore

Master Firewalk Instructor, Mindset Mentor and Shamanic Practitioner

Speaker Interview

Q: Please tell us a little about who you are and what you do

I am a Master Firewalk Instructor, and adventurer, who believes in walking the path less traveled, which has taken me from living in Burkina Faso to summiting some of the highest peaks in the world. All alongside the adventure of enabling others to step out of their comfort zones, to reconnect with their personal journey, intuition, and ability to succeed, as well as the natural world around them. My passion is to support others, from boardroom to VW Camper, to experience life beyond their limitations. To enable them to take the leap into their extraordinary where they can enjoy personal freedom & success, adventure, AND inner peace.

Q: What would you say is your specialty in your industry?

Feminine energy

Q: How long have you been in this industry?

6 years

Q: What's your story of how you got into your business

Lived in Africa, became a coach, started leading mountain treks, trained as Firewalk Instructor, Trained as Master. 

Q: What are your 3 biggest success's in your business to date

New Firewalk Instructors dedicated to bringing love of the fire to the world Over 85% of my work comes from recommendation Clients success stories, in business and life

Q: What would you have done differently in your business knowing what you know right now?

Some things have gone better than others, but it's all brought the learning to get me to where I am now

Q: What is a common myth in your industry?

Reading a book will create the change without them having to show up and do the work

Q: What are the biggest challenges you help your customers overcome ?

Lack of confidence and self belief. Giving up. Not staying focussed

Q: Tell us 1 thing that is not commonly known about you

I've held Sir Paul McCartney's hand

Q: What is your big mission that has kept you going in business

 The looks on client's faces when they achieve what they thought they couldn't

Q:BONUS QUESTION - If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

On top of the ones I already have?... ;)